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KNOW Poverty

2020 Annual Report

What a difference a year makes! This annual report is one for the books, reflecting incredible hardships matched with equally headstrong generosity and perseverance.

The year of 2020 reminded us that our agencies, businesses, and people are our greatest assets. Our commitment is that come what may, we will remain a steadfast, pioneering, long-term solution. We will put in the time and the grit. We will wrestle with the complexities and analyze best practices. And then, we will mobilize and end poverty, one family at a time. Come what may, we will work in earnest, listening and learning, moving and changing to the needs of our diocese.

What you’ll find in this annual report isn’t magic. It’s what can happen when hundreds of employees, donors, and volunteers come together during some of the hardest seasons on record. We need each other, and we thank you for being a part of our story.

We’d love for you to check out the full annual report here or continue reading below for a few highlights.


When COVID-19 hit, our agency acted swiftly. We created our Community Care Call Center and Short-Term Stabilization program. Our rapid response provided immediate financial assistance, connected clients with community resources, and helped many plan for the future. We answered the call of thousands, serving more than 4,000 clients through Community Care within the first six months. In the midst of this crisis, we continued walking with current clients on their individual journeys.

Most remarkably, we witnessed 127 families reach out-of-poverty status in 2020, surpassing our goal of helping 121 families leave poverty behind for good.

We partnered with Tarrant County and the Tarrant Area Food Bank to deliver nearly 37,000 shelf-stable food kits and frozen meals to seniors in need across 11 counties.



Students Served Through Stay the Course

Clients Provided Career & Vocation Services

Refugees Engaged By Our Refugee-Focused Poverty Solutions

Moms Served Through the Gabriel Project


Northwest Campus

The reach of our Northwest Campus has expanded greatly since its opening in 2015. This past year, the Northwest Campus opened a new shared space, Veterans Services Center, and hired a Clinical Counselor to serve Veterans. In addition, 29 clients reached significant Out-of-Poverty goals despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students Served By Rural Vocation

Rural Vocation students graduated or successfully transferred.

Rural Vocation helped Lindsay Ragsdale finish her nursing degree while balancing multiple jobs and motherhood.

“It is because of Catholic Charities I graduated this December, and I can now start my journey in the workforce.”

– Lindsay Ragsdale, Rural Vocation Client

Read the rest of our 2020 annual report by clicking below!