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Lily’s Story

When Lily came to Catholic Charities, she was living in a hotel and her car had been repossessed. Meanwhile, she was in school pursuing her goal to become a Medical Assistant. She came to us for help finding housing. Her motivation was clear: she knew her goals but needed case management support to put the pieces of her plan together.

Lily’s top priority was creating a safe, long-term home for her two children. With the support of Catholic Charities’ case management services, Lily utilized every opportunity afforded to her and, in a mere seven months, meaningfully changed her life.

Initially, Lily secured a job that allowed her to work remotely from the hotel where her family was living. In addition to maintaining a steady income, Lily completed an externship necessary for the completion of her Certified Medical Assistant program. She quickly obtained a job as a CMA making $18/hour. To allow Lily to begin saving money, Catholic Charities provided three months of housing assistance. Then, she used her tax refund to buy a car, working with our staff for each step of the process. Catholic Charities also helped Lily enroll her children in childcare. This allowed her to continue working and maintain her family’s new apartment.

Clients like Lily face interconnected barriers that make it harder to achieve long-term goals and maintain stability. That’s why we work to holistically support our clients in their unique needs and challenges.