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At Catholic Charities Fort Worth, we relentlessly end poverty through holistic, research-based solutions. To address the complex, interconnected nature of poverty, we developed five Out of Poverty Pathways to help our clients leave poverty behind, for good.

Click on each Out of Poverty Pathway below for more information on our programs and services.

Education Pathway

198 students earned an educational credential in 2022.

Emotional Resiliency Pathway

Preliminary research shows clients experienced a 17% increase in key components of emotional resiliency.

Employment Pathway

77% of clients obtained employment at $15/hr. or higher.

Financial Resiliency Pathway

More than 180 clients achieved measurable milestones such as increasing savings, increasing discretionary income and reducing debt-to-income ratio.

Resource Stability Pathway

Nearly 3,600 clients served through relief programs in 2022.