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Resource Stability Pathway

Helping people identify available resources to meet their basic needs and achieve stability.


Resource stability is no longer needing assistance with basic needs. This baseline of stability is key to any long-term progress. Without it, the needs of today swallow the opportunities of tomorrow.


Nearly one-third of employed Texas households are still challenged to meet their basic needs.

– United Ways of Texas, 2020

Our resource-related programs provide a combination of strategic financial assistance (including in kind items) and resource connections to help clients secure basic needs and increase their knowledge of available community resources.

0 clients served on the pathway in 2022
0 mothers served by the Gabriel Project
0 refugees served since the fall of Vietnam


Short-term relief and resource connections for families who are facing a personal crisis that causes financial strain

Gabriel Project Program supports pregnant mothers in need of help

Long-term case management to help clients identify and address resource barriers, allowing them to better focus on long-term planning

Robust refugee services including intensive case
management, financial assistance, and resettlement services