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Creating a Pathway to Success

This year we have taken some big steps. We have partnered with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church to expand our services in Eastland County to help more of our neighbors in need. This includes Working Family Services, a financial coaching program, and Parish Social Ministries, which connects those in need to supportive services and resources

We also expanded the Gabriel Project to Sacred Heart Parish in Wichita Falls. Gabriel Project is a CCFW parish-based ministry that pairs trained volunteers – or Angels – with women in crisis pregnancies. Angels accompany mothers throughout their pregnancy and beyond, providing spiritual, emotional, and practical support.

As of the end of 2022, we have moved more than 4,200 families onto a meaningful pathway out of poverty through our research-backed services. From students who have earned an education credential to pursue their dream career to single parents who have strengthened their long-term financial resiliency, this number represents countless milestones and obstacles overcome by the resilient and resourceful clients we serve.

Families on a Pathway Out of Poverty at the End of 2022

Students Earned a Credential

Rides Provided by Transportation

Mothers Served by the Gabriel Project.

Refugees Served from 31 Countries.