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Celebrating the power of welcome

Refugees are individuals and families fleeing violence, conflict and persecution in their home country. They face unimaginable circumstances, typically spend years going through the process to be resettled and are often separated from their families. Yet at the core of those experiences is an individualsomeone with a family, with hopes and dreams of a meaningful life, with unique goals and talents. Refugees seek hope, joy, fulfillment—as all humans do. On World Refugee Day, we not only honor refugees for their strength and resilience but also celebrate them as unique individuals who make our communities better. 

Refugees accomplish amazing things after resettling in the U.S. Albert Einstein was a refugee. Madeleine Albright was a refugee. But so was Jimmy. And Kyamran. Our own clients who have come here and thrivedThey have become vital members of our community – starting businesses, completing their education, working in public service, and achieving financial stability for their families. And along the way, they have become our neighbors and friends 

Welcoming refugees is in our DNA at Catholic Charities. Our core values and Catholic Social Teaching guide us to honor the dignity of every human person and help the most vulnerable and marginalized in our society. We welcome the stranger and assert their right to participate fully in society and live out their God-given gifts and talents.  

We see in refugees our common humanity and thereby choose to show solidarity as part of our commitment to promoting justice and peace in the world and loving our neighbors – no matter race, religion or nationality.   

At Catholic Charities Fort Worth, we work with refugee families every day. We see their brilliance and courage, their compassion and grit. We are humbled to walk with them on their pathway to stability and success. Our lives are changed for the better because of them.  

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in …” 

– Matthew 35 

$10 to #WelcomeARefugee

Our agency provides support to refugees at several stages in their journey—from initial arrival to finding employment and achieving long-term goals. One of the first things we do is provide basic necessities—household and food items—to ease their transition into a new home. Items that cost as little as $10

From towels to tea, these seemingly small provisions are a critical first step in our refugee clients’ longer journey to stability—and a symbol of welcome—reminding us that no gift is too small to make a difference in someone’s life. 

With a gift of $10, you can be the power of welcome. Thank you for supporting our Refugee Services.

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