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It’s more than a ride.

Transportation is one of the top barriers preventing those in poverty from becoming self-sufficient. We are a mobile society, but transportation options can be few and far between depending on where you live. For example, Fort Worth is the ONLY city out of the 41 cities in Tarrant County that has a mass transportation system.

Our Transportation Services were created to bridge this gap and provide an option for the thousands of people previously left without one. In fact, we are the second-largest transportation provider in the area and provided almost 80,000 rides in 2018.

Provide a Ride

The need is even greater this year and we must expand our transportation capacity to meet this need. Right now, we are 8,000 rides away from were we need to be. But you can help!

Double Your Impact

Through the end of 2019, our partners at the Stand Together Foundation will MATCH individual donations (up to $1,000 per donation per day). This means that your donation provides double the amount of rides!

Can you provide a ride today and help us make sure none of our neighbors are left behind?

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What does it mean when you provide a ride?

It’s more than a ride. It’s a way.

It means an individual like our client, Susan, has a way to get to work after losing her eyesight.

It means a struggling single-mom like our client Erica, has a way to a life-changing job interview.

It means a hard-worker like our client Mandie, has an affordable transportation option giving her a way to build up enough savings to purchase her own vehicle.

To provide a ride and/or keep up with our progress, click below!

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Help us spread the word and share this campaign with family and friends!

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