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We’re Not Your Typical Non-Profit: CCFW Leads the Employee Engagement Pack

“I’d totally work at a non-profit if I didn’t think I’d be overworked and underpaid.”

We hear that all the time from people who aren’t as in the know about our non-profit. As it turns out, time and salary can mean very different things when you’re happy vs. miserable.

We have some strong data to suggest our people – almost four hundred of them – are even happier than most people at most companies. But how can we even claim that?

Research, analytics, and advisory firm Gallup has done extensive research in the field of employee engagement for over 20 years.  In Gallup’s most recent State of the Global Workforce report, the average employee engagement rate across the globe is only 15%. An engagement rate measures the percentage of adults who are involved in and enthusiastic about both their work and their workplace. In the United States, employee engagement comes in at 31%.  As of August 2019, Catholic Charites Fort Worth boasts a 75% employee engagement rate, which ranks among the best in the world.

Gallup figures this by measuring answers to a highly specific 12 question audit. Things like being talked to about development and knowing what’s expected, among other things more social.

Catholic Charities Fort Worth is in the top quartile of the Gallup’s global employee database. Organizations within the top quartile are 17% more productive, experience 41% lower absenteeism, and 59% lower turnover than organizations that rank in the bottom quartile. 

In our latest survey, several of our CCFW Managers ranked in the top 10% of managers across the globe in cumulative employee engagement scores compared to the overall manager’s score in the Gallup database. Ergo, you might actually like your boss. And that counts for a lot!

If you’re interested in joining a team of highly engaged people who are happy and fairly compensated, check out our job board here!

Todd Beard, Head of People Team