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To be a Catholic Charities Fort Worth client, colleague, or volunteer working side by side with Kimberly Lawrence, LCSW, is to feel safe within the supportive embrace of her twinkling-eyed humor, her air of humility, and her empathetic gaze.

It is to be uplifted by what she calls her “absolute belief in the necessity of lots of laughter, because it resets your nervous system.” It is to observe both her gentleness and grit as she sits with clients — those who suffer trauma, abuse, violence, dislocation, and grinding poverty — and also leads her team in practicing the evidence-based ways in which such social sins can be effectively healed.

Healed one person, one family at a time, through the transforming power of CCFW’s holistic approach to eradicating poverty. Such an approach is grounded in a profound understanding of the ways in which adversity rewires developing brains, creating long-term obstacles in learning and behavioral patterns.