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What are your goals for 2016? At CCFW, we are beginning the first year of our new strategy map. This map represents what we want to achieve over the next five years and how we plan to make it happen.

Front and center are our constants: Our agency mission, our RICHES values, the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, our focus on providing hope and help, and of course our fervent goal to end poverty.

We have defined metrics and submetrics that we will use to hold ourselves accountable and measure our success as we work toward our big picture aim to Create, Eradicate and Transform.

Create Take proven solutions that work to serve our clients best and also create new ways of serving our clients based on what we understand our clients to need.

Eradicate We want to elevate our day-to-day work to a level of seamless collaboration. We have to leverage our breadth of services together, so they are all working in unison to eradicate poverty.

Transform Our goal is to use what we are creating and our work in eradicating poverty to help others, to share our best practices, and to export our ideas. We’re committed to advocating and being an active voice in the national conversation on poverty.

Whatever your goal is this new year, we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to be a part of CCFW’s mission. Thank you for your tireless commitment to ending poverty and we’re confident this year and the many to come will be nothing short of amazing. Happy New Year!