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What’s Happening

You might have seen or heard recent media raising concerns about Catholic Charities agencies and the services we provide to immigrants. While there are many misrepresentations, we are thankful for the opportunity to clear up any confusion on where we stand and how we serve.

Where We Stand

As for Catholic Charities Fort Worth, we believe in welcoming the stranger and the dignity of every human life, and it is in that spirit that we support legislation that promotes the principle of family reunification and respects the human dignity of immigrants. As an agency, we are called to serve. We do not make the laws, but we do help people navigate the system.

How We Serve

Our immigration services team focuses on the reunification of families through immigration and includes personal consultation, application assistance, and legal representation for our clients in matters of petition for relatives, adjustment of status, consular processes, naturalization, work permits, visa renewal, and other related areas of family-based immigration.

We help qualified individuals apply for naturalization and certificates of citizenship.

We employ a highly trained and professional staff that includes representatives accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals as well as immigration attorneys.

To learn more about Catholic Charities Fort Worth and the wide breadth of services we provide the community, check out our blog here.