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As a 110-year-old agency, we have been through many times of uncertainty and fear — disasters, national crises, and more. Because of that experience, we are ready to adapt and meet the needs of those we serve. We have been actively working on the best way we can support our community and clients while operating safely as an agency. There is a tremendous amount of fear and reaction to the coronavirus across the US and the world. While we do need to act prudently, we also have a responsibility as part of our mission to provide service to those in need. This needs to be a time that we rise up and not give in to fear but continue to serve our clients to the best of our ability, while creatively finding ways to help them reach their bigger, brighter future.


What are we doing to help?

    • We are planning to move from serving roughly 1,200 individuals and families to adding at least 1,000 individuals and families in the coming year. Each family will be given resources and connected with other programs that will provide stability and guidance through this challenging time.
    • We are developing a plan to leverage resources to provide financial aid for rent and utility assistance for as many as we are able to in the community. We will also be helping clients with their SNAP applications.
    • By way of our own Disaster Response Program Manager Jay Semple, we are chairing the regional Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), working with our City Manager and other non-profits to best cross-coordinate large-scale efforts.
    • We are committed to learning even during a crisis by launching an internal research study to model how we can better prepare our clients for resiliency in the face of external economic impacts like this for future. 
    • The majority of our teams are working from home and utilizing tech to continue to meet with clients. In-person meetings that must take place will be limited to specific rooms where extra sanitization efforts will be taken.
    • The programs that, for now, will continue to operate here at the main campus are Transportation, Immigration, and Reception and Security.
    • We have assembled an Emergency Response Team, which has been activated to meet daily to ensure everything is in place to continue to serve clients to the greatest extent possible.

How can you help?

Give today to ensure we are able to meet the needs of those we serve!

There will be many people in our community who will be in great need because they have lost their job, they are unable to access resources, or because their kids cannot go to school. This includes our clients, many of whom are already in a vulnerable position. Even clients in a more stable position are at-risk for major setbacks.
Our case managers will serve as a stabilizing force for these individuals and families during this time.
They will be in-tune with their client’s specific situation, allowing them to mitigate the impact this pandemic will have on those we serve. Can you help us support these individuals and families by donating?

Part of what makes our case management approach so effective is the ability to help people in the way they need to be helped. Everyone’s needs are different in normal circumstances, so this ever-changing situation only intensifies the need to meet people where they are. These funds will be used thoughtfully by our case management teams and based on an in-depth knowledge of what is best for those we serve.  

This situation is urgent. Use the button below to donate today!

We will continue to provide updates as needed. Thank you to everyone who has helped and continues to offer their support!