We are very grateful to American Airlines for their generous donation of more than $15,000 worth of jackets for our clients. Below are some words from CCFW employee Holly Lane on what this gift has meant for those in our community in need:

img_1170Warmth…..something most of us take for granted, but for those in our community experiencing homelessness, I have heard it referred to as a luxury. Once when I offered hand warmers to a man experiencing homelessness, he declined because “he didn’t want to spoil himself.” 

 A typical Saturday morning in the park would consist of handing out hats, gloves, scarves, socks and food, but this past Saturday we had the privilege of providing the heart felt gift of warmth. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our amazing friends at American Airlines, we were able to give these limg_1163adies and gentlemen a taste of Christmas in the form of warm leather pilot jackets.

 Smiles were abundant and gratitude was shared. These individuals being provided with a gift of this magnitude touched the hearts of everyone involved.  

 From those of us who shared in this gifting, we would like to thank the American Airlines Flight Department for providing us the opportunity to help our fellow brother and sister in need. Your generosity truly makes a difference.