January is Poverty Awareness Month! Through more than 110 years of service, our agency has learned a lot about the complex and evolving nature of poverty. We know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we turn on-the-ground insights and ongoing research and evaluation into effective, sustainable solutions for our community.

Honoring the dignity of each person, we help eradicate barriers that prevent individuals and families from living in full dignity and freedom. This month in particular, we want to share what we have learned in order to build a stronger community. Are you ready to learn more about poverty?


Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) is a learning organization that ends poverty by creating solutions, eradicating barriers, and transforming the conversation around poverty. Founded in 1910, CCFW holds true to its Catholic roots while continually evolving and refining services to better benefit those we serve.

We strategically challenge the way poverty is addressed nationwide by scrupulously testing the effectiveness of our own case management methods through research partnerships, exporting our known-solutions to other non-profits, and serving as a resource for what works on a local, state, and national-level. We invite you to come and check out our nonprofit 2.0 approach.

Our Mission is to provide service to those in need, to advocate compassion and justice in the structures of society, and to call all people of good will to do the same.

We Need to Know. Not Assume.

Learn more about our commitment to research and evaluation.

Creating Lasting Impact.

See the ways we have been able to impact the lives of those we serve and our community.

Join Us for KNOW Poverty

Sign up for a virtual KNOW Poverty Hour for a behind-the-scenes look at how we are ending poverty, one family at a time.


We serve tens of thousands of individuals and families in our 28-county diocese each year.


In 2019, more than 200 families left poverty behind for good through our services.
That’s 200 families who:

Earn Living Wages

Have No Inappropriate Debt

Have Demonstrated Savings Behaviors And Have Established A Savings Account

Are Free Of Government Assistance.

Most importantly, that’s 200 families living the bigger, brighter future they deserve.



CCFW Receives 2020 Community Partner of the Year Award

CCFW Receives 2020 Community Partner of the Year Award

Catholic Charities Fort Worth is honored to receive Tarrant County College Northwest Campus’ 2020 Community Partner of the Year award.  Our shared commitment to helping Tarrant County community college students reach their educational goals and thrive is the...

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Adhikari receives Immigrant Journey Awards in Texas

Adhikari receives Immigrant Journey Awards in Texas

Sudip Adhikari, a program specialist at the Catholic Charities Fort Worth, TX has been presented with the Immigrant Journey Awards for the year 2020. The award was presented by Badmus & Associates, an immigration law firm based in Dallas, TX. Adhikari was also...

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The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever 2020

The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever 2020

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Join NBC 5 and the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever for the 2020 holiday giving season. The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever is an annual catalog that offers gift giving ideas and features 20 amazing local nonprofits with matching donor...

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Catholic Charities schedules 2020 Virtual Gala Aug. 29

Catholic Charities schedules 2020 Virtual Gala Aug. 29

Yet, despite these times of uncertainty, CCFW’s commitment to our friends, family and neighbors has never wavered – and that is something to celebrate – in a 2020 Virtual Gala Aug. 29, recognizing 110 years of ending poverty, honor the families who have been assisted...

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