Our Vision is to end poverty, one family at a time.

Despite our success, we’re nowhere near satisfied.

We know we can do better. So, what does it take to make ending poverty possible? It takes hard work, fervent observation and an unflinching investment in the strengths of those we serve. We’re not afraid of being wrong. We’re committed to finding the most effective methods for ending poverty. We’re evaluating current programs from a place of transparency and authenticity. We’re testing new models. To accept the status quo would be to turn our back on the millions of Americans seeking self-sufficiency and the pursuit of happiness.


It’s time to redefine what it means to end poverty.

Poverty is complicated. The barriers are many, and they stack up to prevent individuals and families from moving forward. We must recognize the multi-faceted nature of poverty in order to empower families towards true stability and financial freedom.

The federal welfare system is designed to serve people based on specific needs (food, housing, etc.) – independent from other problems they may be facing. This structure requires families to meet rigid program requirements and navigate multiple programs at once––programs that may not prescribe what a family truly needs. Programs that treat symptoms rather than promote long-term financial stability.

By structuring benefits in siloes, we rob people of the right to be the authority on their own lives, to manage their own situations, and to fully participate in the process of achieving their highest potential.

Solutions that serve the whole person

That’s where we come in. Several of our programs use comprehensive, relationship-based case management to support clients, allowing us to address interconnected causes of poverty. We believe that serving the whole person is the most effective solution to eradicating poverty and the issues that trap people in its cycle.

To us, overcoming poverty means supporting each client on their unique path to stability so that they can live their best life, free from poverty.  

Two of our signature programs, Padua Pilot and Stay the Course, are research-backed initiatives that implement long-term case management to ensure meaningful success for each client, each family served.

More than 6 million TX families live in poverty


of people in Fort Worth live below the poverty line


of children live in poverty in Tarrant County


of Texas households have no savings

Padua® Pilot

What if we told you that with Padua, an end to poverty is achievable?

It’s time we find a brand new way to end poverty.

We need to start on a new trajectory that has the potential to truly transform the lives of the people we serve. That’s the idea behind the Padua Pilot.

A new definition about what it really means to be out of poverty. A new assumption that removes the stigmas surrounding poverty and is honest about the challenges the poor face. A new kind of collaboration that brings together our best efforts.

More than 60% of community college students fail to graduate within six years


of adults in Texas have no high school diploma or GED


more income is associated with bachelor’s degree holders when compared to those with only a high school diploma

of jobs require education beyond high school

Stay the Course®

Stay the Course invests in impact, not output.

We are a true completion partner in ensuring students reach graduation. This, in turn, leads to a living wage job, which in turn leads to an anti-poverty outlook, which saves our communities thousands and thousands of dollars over time.

A community college degree is a great weapon against poverty, yet high community college dropout rates are a nationwide problem.

So, how do we reduce dropout rates and create a solution to solve this problem? Research.

We partnered with the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) at the University of Notre Dame to create Stay the Course (STC), a research project to evaluate how case management can help low-income students persist in school and ultimately graduate, equipping them with credentials that increase earning power.


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