Our Vision is to end poverty, one family at a time.

Over our 110-year history, we have continually refined our services. As the world evolves, our clients’ needs evolve. We evolve with them. Here are just a few of the ways we were able to positively impact our community in 2019.

Empowering low-income and non-traditional college students working towards a stable future


Through Stay the Course® …

Students persisted in school

Completed an associates degree

Through Rural Vocations …

Students were supported

Students graduated

Filling a need in our community and increasing our sustainability through our four social enterprises

Our Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) employed 400 individuals and paid almost $1,865,000 in wages.

individuals employed

Our Immigration Services helped 928 individuals begin their citizenship or green card process and taught 312 ESL civics students.

individuals began citizenship

Our Dental Clinic provided 6,630 procedures resulting in $656,865 in savings for our patients.

dental procedures performed

Our Transportation Services provided 73,057 trips to help individuals maintain employment or get to crucial medical appointments.

rides provided

Supporting individuals and families through a wide breadth of poverty-ending solutions

VITA reached a milestone of 250 volunteer hours providing low-income individuals tax-return help bringing $3,129,583 in refunds to our community.

volunteer hours

The Gabriel Project served 397 new or soon-to-be moms and enrolled 136 new clients.

mothers served

The Northwest Campus engaged 56 clients in out-of-poverty solutions through Community Connections.

clients on the path out of poverty

More than 200 families reached significant financial stability milestones.

families on the path out of poverty

Read more about our 2019 success in our annual report here.


Our agency has served thousands across our 28-county diocese this year, including our ongoing response to the effects of COVID-19. Here is just a snapshot of clients served by our programs in 2020:

6,320 served by our Community Care Call Center which assists individuals and families in crisis with rent, utility, and other financial aid and provides referrals to other CCFW programs and partners.

served by our Community Care Call Center

676 students served by our community college persistence program, Stay the Course.

students served by Stay the Course

439 served by our Short-Term Case Management Service, which helps individuals and families navigate obstacles (such as job loss, childcare issues, school and degree completion barriers, transportation gaps, and technology needs) with strategic, flexible financial assistance.

served by Short-Term Case Management

Despite the pandemic, 103 clients reached significant financial stability milestones and 332 clients achieved a living wage. 103 families on the path out of poverty.

families out of poverty

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As we learned in 2020, circumstances change unexpectedly, but what matters is our ability to pivot and meet the needs of our community no matter what.


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