Be a Graduate Advocate

It’s time to celebrate our 2021 Stay the Course® (STC) and Rural Vocation graduates!  

Designed to support non-traditional and low-income students, our education programs empower students on the pathway to achieve their educational goals. Students in the Class of 2021 not only completed their degree this year, but also persevered through an entire year of living and learning through a global pandemic. These students have persisted through a myriad of obstacles this year on top of widespread uncertainty in the world around them.   

After the past year’s challenges, we are so proud of the hard work and resilience they embraced in order to get here.  

Since we cannot gather for a formal graduation ceremony with these graduates, we want to ensure the Class of 2021 feels our love and support this month. Can you help us honor them and be an advocate for our graduates?

NEW Texas Rent Relief Program!

Launching Monday, February 15

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs announced this week a new rent and utilities relief program to provide $1 billion of assistance to families in need as a result of COVID-19! The Texas Rent Relief Program launches Monday, February 15 at 8 AM (CST). You can apply online at or by phone at 1-833-9TX-RENT (1-833-989-7368). Phone has multiple language options. The program can help renters with bills as far back as March 13, 2020.

Applicants do NOT need to apply through CCFW! The only way to apply is through TDHCA, either online or by phone. Visit their website in advance to prepare to apply on Monday at 8 AM!

¡El Departamento de Vivienda y Asuntos Comunitarios de Texas anunció esta semana un nuevo programa de alivio de renta y servicios públicos para proporcionar one mil millones de asistencia a las familias necesitadas como resultado de COVID-19! El Texas Rent Relief Program se lanza el lunes 15 de febrero a las 8 AM (CST). Puede solicitar en línea en o por teléfono al 1-833-9TX-RENT (1-833-989-7368). El teléfono tiene varias opciones de idioma. El programa puede ayudar a los inquilinos con cuentas desde el 13 de marzo de 2020. ¡Los solicitantes NO necesitan solicitar a través de CCFW! La única manera de aplicar es a través de TDHCA, ya sea en línea o por teléfono. ¡Visita con antelación para prepararte para aplicar el lunes a las 8 AM!

For information about our Northwest Campus in the Wichita Falls Area, click below!


Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) is a learning organization that believes every person should have the opportunity to live their best life, free from poverty. Founded in 1910, CCFW works every day to make this vision a reality, serving tens of thousands of people in North Texas, and across the nation, each year. CCFW is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and reflects these values through our client-centered approach and commitment to ensuring our practices meaningfully impact the lives of those we serve.

We strategically challenge the way poverty is addressed nationwide by creating solutions to meet the evolving needs of our community, eradicating the barriers keeping people in poverty, and transforming the narrative around poverty through advocacy and collaboration. To learn more about our unique approach, register for one of our virtual KNOW Poverty Hours here.

Our Mission is to provide service to those in need, to advocate compassion and justice in the structures of society, and to call all people of good will to do the same.

We Need to Know. Not Assume.

Learn more about our commitment to research and evaluation.

Creating Lasting Impact.

See the ways we have been able to impact the lives of those we serve and our community.

Join Us for KNOW Poverty

Sign up for a virtual KNOW Poverty Hour for a behind-the-scenes look at how we are ending poverty, one family at a time.


We serve tens of thousands of individuals and families in our 28-county diocese each year.


We measure success by end-goal impact, but we recognize the end goal looks different for each client.

That’s why we have developed a multidimensional framework to capture the complexity of poverty and better tailor our services to clients’ needs. These are our Out of Poverty Pathways:

Financial Resiliency

Educational Credentials


Resource Stability

Emotional Resiliency

Learn more about our Out of Poverty Pathways here.



Catholic Charities Fort Worth needs your help

Catholic Charities Fort Worth needs your help

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - The COVID-19 pandemic and last week's arctic blast has left Catholic Charities Fort Worth in dire financial straits. With thousands on its waiting list, Catholic Charities Fort Worth is unable to accept any new applications for financial...

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Catholic Charities Fort Worth needs help helping needy

Catholic Charities Fort Worth needs help helping needy

Fort Worth Business Press Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) has issued an urgent appeal to the community to assist the organization as it tries to meet the overwhelming demand for help resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent weather crisis.

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