Solving Tomorrow Today

We solve for tomorrow today. This is one of our values at Catholic Charities Fort Worth. We look at the big picture, proactively address problems, and continually grow from our learnings. This is not only how we operate as a staff, but also how we view our services. We move beyond one-off interventions and seek meaningful, long-term solutions that empower families on their unique journey out of poverty. 

The KNOW Poverty® Society is Catholic Charities Fort Worth’s giving society. Including three giving circles, the Society recognizes our agency’s most loyal and generous supporters for their commitment to our mission. Their support helps us continually KNOPoverty and thereby end poverty, one family at a time. 

Learn more about joining the KNOW Poverty Society here!




Barbara Hawrylak & in memory of Walt Hawrylak 

Bill and Silvia Birk 

Bob and Pam Tidwell 

Bryan and Jil Metelski 

Carol Ray 

Charles and Dana Milliken 

Christopher and Carol Porter 

Daniel and Ronda Feeney 

Gabe and Cathy Hendrickson 


Gary and Kristen Sanders 

Gene and Karen Lamis 

George and Victoria Jackson 

Homer L. Babbitt 

Irene Q. Fosdick

James and Beth Kwasny 

James and Caroline Cooley 

James and Debra Boehmler 

Jane Rector 

Javier and Cindy Lucio 

Jill Fischer 


Jim and Barbara Shea 

Jim and Marlene Beckman

Kevin and Alicia McGlinchey 

Leo and Teresa Wegemer 

Lon Kile and Debbie Dohner 

Mark and Jane Schoomaker 

Melvin and Mary Henkes 

Michael and Diane Parks 

Michael and Sue Tenny 

Mike and Diane Schwarz 

Murphy and Theresa Markham

Pegeen and Michael Standish 

Ray and Debra McNamara 

Robert and Elizabeth Batton 

Robert and Jennifer Folzenlogen 

Robert and Norma Duane 

Rollin and Diane Bredenberg 

Stanley H. Peavy, Jr. IRA 

Terry and Susan Lyons 

Tom and Gwen Rein 

Walter and Doris Aue 


Aaron Munoz 

Adrian and Alisha R. Parker 

Al and Lucinda A. Mosco 

Al and Monica Cordova 

Alan and Fran Martin 

Alan and Lisa Boyd 

Albert and Cheryl Lobo 

Alice Hagan 

America’s Best Charities 

Amy Larsen 

Amy Matasso 

Andrea Vignale 

Andrew and Emily Klement 

Andy Nguyen and Julie Vu 

Anicetus and Sabrina Fernando 

Anne D. Johns 

Anne Poplin 


Ansurio Cardona 

Ashley and Charles Callans 

Ashley Marie Mackey 

Barbara McCall Anderson 

Barbara Merkle 

Barbara W. Phillips 

Barrett Trask 

Barry Martines 

Bart and Anne Boudreaux 

Ben Saladino 

Bennett and Kathleen Cepak 

Betsy Tye 

Beverly Sustala 

Billy and Ronna Huckaby 

Binoy Castellino 

Bob and Aida Arend 

Bob and Carolyn Parra 

Bob and Nancy Hunter 

Bob Garrison 

Boyd  and Patricia Burris 

Brian and Debbie Luenser 

Brian E. and Dorothy W. McManus 

Bronco and Tammy Ormuz 

Bruce and Donna Street 

Bryan and Lisa Baas 

Burch Waldron 

Carolyn and Chris Gruensfelder 

Carrie Dils 

Cary and Kathy Hy 

Catherine A. Griffin 

Catherine Hollis, Mission Central 

Cecilia Rinard 

Charles and Rebecca Kitowski 

Charles and Sanae Fulkerson 

Charles and Susan Wegman 

Charles and Virginia Schmidt 

Charles D. White 

Charles Finney 

Charles L. Coarsey 

Charlie and Lisa Smith 

Cheryl Goris 

Chi Vu 

Chris and Maria Collins 

Chris and Janet Noonan 

Chris and Kelly Stark 

Chris and Tami Cain 

Christi and Scott Beathard 

Christina Schneider 

Christina Thompson 

Christine D. Williams 

Christopher and Alexandra Cekuta 

Christopher and Natalie Plumlee 

Christopher and Susan Howe 

Christopher Johnson 

Christopher Loy 

Christopher Schilling 

Christopher Wallace 

Cindy Foster 

Cindy Thompson 

Clair Simmons 

Clarence F. and Francene Bercher 

Clifton and Victoria Walton 

Craig and Janalee Corato 

Cynthia Belknap 

D.D. (Darcy) Sety 

Dale and Luann Westerfeld 

Dale Elliott 

Dan and Lori M. Walsh 

Dan and Sue Shine 

Dani Ray Barton and Travis Lox 

Daniel and Elisabeth Wagner 

Daniel and Erika McCarthy 

Daniel and Jan Geppert 

Daniel and Jil Rankin 

Daniel and Pat Haigler 

Darrell and Marty Sekin 

David and Cynthia Litteken 

David and Mary Kimbell, Jr. 

David and Patti Brockman 

David and Sally Hoelke 

David and Theresa Belling 

David and Trina Gibbs 

David Bergeron 

David Hartman 

David Hoffman 

David J. Plazak 

David Johnson 

David Wolf 

Deacon Michael J. and Betty Mocek 

Deacon Mike and Cindi Sutton 

Deacon Steve and Debi Holton 

Deacon Tom and Mary Ann Doran 

Debra Walser 

Deloris Lane 

Denise Sumption 

Dennis and Linda Buckreis 

Dennis Sell 

Diane Gainey 

Don and Marietta Collins 

Don and Mary Ann Schutt 

Donald and Kay Cram 

Donna Clark 

Doris Flynn 

Doug and Beth Park 

Dr. Brian and Stephanie Byrd 

Dr. Daunne and Mark Peters 

Dr. Robert and Lynn Hanson 

Dustin and Brittany Doversberger 

Ed and Teri Gray 

Edmund and Barbara Hemmerick 

Edward and Lesley Johnmeyer 

Edward Knezek 

Edward Moffett 

Edward Runyon 

Eleanor C. Edwards 

Eric and Allison Moore 

Eric and Kristi Kunz 

Eric and Susy Korth 

Eric and Tina Alsup 

Ernest and Jane Doclar 

Evelyn Breaux 

Fellipe do Vale 

Fr. D. Timothy Thompson 

Fr. Jack McKone 

Francis and Cathleen Roche 

Frank and Kathy Kyle 

Frank and Lindsay Casey 

Frank Fazzio 

Fraser and Lindsay Hay 

Gary and Laura Green 

Gary Miller 

George and Breda Shelton 

George and Loraine Pittenger 

George and Nicole Havrilla 

George and Vickie Guthrie 

George Massingill 

George Maynard and Michelle Baker 

George T. Kimbell 

Georgina Long 

Gerard and Teresa McCarthy 

Glenn and Kimberly Darden 

Glenn and Marcia Javens 

Gordon and Julie Rhodes 

Grace Garcia 

Greg and Marie Lombard 

Gregory and Elizabeth Furman 

Gregory and Kitty Hietpas 

Greta and Joe Parr 

Gus and Cecilia Villanueva 

Helen Willingham 

Helmut and Reinhilde Horchler 

Henry and Becky Borbolla III 

Henry Stroup 

Hung and Olga Nguyen 

Hunter and Victoria Nelson 

J McGarrah 

Jack and Pat Wood 

Jackie Lammers 


James and Anne Yarmchuk 

James and Cherie Gribschaw 

James and JoAnne Janowiak 

James and Kathleen Logsdon 

James and Margaret Witschy 

James and Ruth Brasier 

James and Sylvia Bryan 

James Brown 

James E. Burgess 

James Kelley 

James Weber 

Janet Staley 

Jason and Heidi Hilliard 

Jason Redus 

Jean and Richard Buzzard 

Jeane Dees 

Jeff and Anne Jendel 

Jeff and Kelly Dickman 

Jeff and Mary Babione 

Jeff and Rachel Marek 

Jeff Chiappetta 

Jeff Kittleson 

Jennifer Martinez 

Jere C. Robertson 

Jerome and Susan Namy 

Jesse and Melissa Gorley 

Jim and Jan Titsworth 

Jim and Patty Bransford 

Jim Logsdom 

Jimmie J. Farmer 

Jo Ann Byrne 

Jo Lee Buncic 

Joan Mueller 

Joan Wood 

Joanne and G. L. Sirgo, Jr. Lt Col USAF Ret 

Joe and Kristen Weinzapfel 

Joel McIntyre 

John and Teresa McGreevy 

John and Christy Fonvielle 

John and Jean Meehan 

John and Judy Podraza 

John and Karen Vering 

John and Katherine Di Filippo 

John and Kathy Murphey 

John and Linda Askew 

John and Linda Gillespie 

John and Lori Collins 

John and Marilyn Birt 

John and Missi Adami 

John and Monica Quiroz 

John and Nancy Fiebig 

John and Nicole Sabia 

John and Paige Bick 

John and Rose Yuill 

John and Sarah Weitzer 

John and Sherri Holbrook 

John and Therese Sabine 

John and Valerie Pfaff 

John Berryhill 


John D. Cook 

John Farnam 

John Lerner 

John Quinn 

John Steinmetz

Jon and Lisa O’Harra 

Jonathan and Kasey Whitley 

Jonquele Jones 

Joseph and Kathleen Jurich 

Joseph and Lynnice Taylor 

Joseph and Rhonda Kalka 

Joseph Cribbin 

Joseph Linnen 

Joseph Salgado 

Joshua and Elizabeth Audi 

Joyce and Crispulo Stock 

Judy Jones 

Julie and Joseph Short 

Justin Kenna 

Karl and Adina Heller 

Karl Hirt and Mary Pat Wixted 

Kathie Ebers 

Kathleen Adams 

Kathleen Flynn 

Kathy and Tom Barnard 

Katie Nagel 

Keith and Marcy Leslie 

Keith and MaryLynn Hilton 

Ken and Jane Conlon 

Ken and Phyllis Norman 

Kendall (Ken) and Connie Coffey 

Kenneth and Kathy Sultemeier 

Keri and Matt Steele 

Kevin and Anne Pottinger 

Kevin and Elaine Sink 

Kevin and Jeanne Byrne 

Kevin and Marsha Wylie 

Kevin and Nicki Prevou 

Kevin and Suzanne Levy 

Kristi King 

Kurt and Carol Haman 

Kyle and Lauren Biery 

Kyle and Martha M Eberlein

L.O. and Ruth Brightbill Designated Philanthropic Fund at the North Texas Community Foundation

Landon and Natalie Moore 

Lara Fernandes 

Larry and Carol Parker 

Larry and Cheryl West 

Larry and Elaine Klos 

Larry and Jeannie Hammond 

Larry and Karen Anfin 

Larry and Paula Bick 

Larry and Theresa Schmidt 

Larry Enslinger 

Larry Robertson 

Lelon and Virginia Ginn 

Leo and Jane Ehrhard 

Leon Maxwell 

Leonard and Kathleen Kelley 

Lester and Merryl Carson 

Lew and Katie Kirking 

Lewis and Allison Rix 

Lien Griffin 

Lily Raabe 

Linda Baley 

Linda Kriz 

Lisa Haile 

Louis DeSantis Jr. 

Lovie and Roger A. Melkus 

Lynda Shipman 

Margaret Hebert 

Margaret Schroeder 

Margot Biery 

Mark and Kim Linehan 

Mark and Linda Thompson 

Mark and Monica Augustine 

Mark and Natalie Weimer 

Mark and Patti Lenz 

Mark Lanier 

Mark N. Howard 

Mark Veitenheimer 

Martha Daiello 

Martin and Sandra Michalka 

Mary and Woody Anderson 

Mary Ann Staab 

Mary Burger 

Mary Flynn 

Mary Frances and Benjamin L. Doskocil, Sr. 

Mary Kathryn Anderson and Warren Gould 

Mary Kelly 

Mary M. Goosens 

Mary Thiessen 

Matt and Mary Ann Dufrene 

Matthew Jacobs 

Matthew O’Hearn 

Matthew Steele 

Maura Rattikin 

Max and Johanna Brewington 

Max and Katie Wilhite 

McCune Estimating Services Inc. 

Megan Mayfield 

Melissa and Andrew Winborn 

Michael and Patti Dzura 

Michael and Barbara McGee 

Michael and Charlotte Ricketts 

Michael and Cindy Casey 

Michael and Juliann Russo 

Michael and Marilyn Berry 

Michael and Maureen Eastman 

Michael and Patricia Cetera 

Michael and Susan Bahr 

Michael and Suzan Tugman

Michael and Tanya Rueschenberg 

Michael Hall 

Michael Hewatt 


Michael Lawshe 

Michael Morris 

Michael Tyson 

Mike and Bette O’Dell 

Mike and Cheryl Fay 

Mike and Kellie Blumberg 

Mike and Theresa Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. George Tamer 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffre Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gunn 

Msgr. Joseph A. Schumacher 

Msgr. Joseph Pemberton 

Nancy Clutton 

Natalie Leshner Sylvia 

Natalie Roberge 

Neel and Kathryn Desai 

Neil Ruddock 

Nicholas and Kate Graham 

Olfeo Lorenzetti 

Pablo Trejo 

Patricia (Pat) Miller 

Patrick and Liz Malloy 

Patrick and Stephanie Laubacher 

Paul and Alicia Richmond 

Paul and Cissy Leming 

Paul and Judith Priest 

Paul and Patricia Lira 

Paul and Rita Gauthier 

Paul and Susan Pineider 

Paul and Tammy Gerstner 

Paul and Teresa Reddick 

Paul Parker and Barbara Appleby 

Paul Rodriguez 

Paula Ann Costa 

Peggy Kimbell 

Pem Lama 

Peter Aberg 

Phil and Donna Reinsch 

Philip Schell 

Rafael and Liz Garza 

Randall and Terri Jones 

Randell Labio 

Raymond S. and Karen Kimbell 

Regent Services 

Richard and Ann Jones 

Richard and Anne Davidovich 

Richard and Annette Borkowski 

Richard Bayer 

Richard Boone 

Richard J. and Ann Mucker 

Richard Kurz 

Richard Page 

Rick and Mary Kubes 

Rick and Michelle Self 

Rick Kappel 

Robert and Esther Torres 

Robert and Angie Lala 

Robert and Beth Schmidt 

Robert and Dee Dee Schmidt 

Robert and Kathleen Bolz, Jr. 

Robert and Kathleen Karl 

Robert and Susan Rearden 

Robert Gude 

Robert John Beckman 

Robert M. Staley 

Robert Rudolph and Linda Duncklau 

Robert Williams, Jr 

Rod and Barbara Marinelli 

Rod and Julie Barber 

Roland and Leila Rodriguez 

Ron and Rita Clegg 

Ronald and Mary Ziolkowski 

Ronni Marie Domenick 

Ronnie and Alma Blackwell 

Ronnie and Ann Erwin 

Ronnie and Beverly Fisher 

Rose Hall Welborn 

Russell and Kathryn Wagner 

Russell and Vickey Rosedale 

Ryan and Kristy Bridges


Sherman and Nana Smith

Sue Harrington

Sally W. McKeen 

Samuel Gross 

Sean and Pamela Campbell 

Seth Crawford 

Shari Hightower Hart or Paulette Holland

Sharon McCloskey 

Shirley Adamcik 

Shirley and Ronald Wells 

Sid and Carrie Lange 

Stacy E. Glissman 

Stacy Savard 

Stan and Amity Robbins 

Stanley and Sandra Peavy 

Stefania Biacchi 

Stephanie G. Fritz 

Stephanie Karasick

Stephen and Brenda Neuse 

Stephen and Emily Lund 

Stephen and Jane Bosworth 

Stephen and Lisa Morath 

Stephen and Megan Taylor 

Steve and Andrea Silva 

Steve and Barbara De Leon 

Steve and Cathy Landon 

Steve and Kathy Aslin 

Steve and Sharon Smith 

Susan and Patrick Swan 

Susan Youngs 

Sylvia Flusche 

Ted and Nan Peters 

Teresa K. Perkins 

Terry and Carol Smith 

Terry and Cathy Trimble 

Terry and Georgene Doversberger 

Terry and Linda Steele 

Thai Mai 

The Pfluger Family 

Theresa Casey 

Theresa Gunnlaugsson 

Theresa Mason 

Thomas and Jessica McCraw 

Thomas E. McElyea 

Thomas J. Fairchild, Ph.D and Janice Knebl, Ph.D 

Thomas Karsten 

Tim and Clare Stonesifer 

Tim and Barbara Sullivan 

Timothy and Mary Hoch 

Tina Machu 

Tom and Ellen Harris 

Tom and Nancy Torres 

Tom and Rebecca Buddenbohn 

Toni Elrod 

Tony and Beth Gerth 

Tony and Marianna Stone 

Tony Fidelie 

Tracy and Marla Tucker 

Tracy Rector and Greg Fitzgerald 

Trish Reeves and Alan Hood 

Troy Wolf 

Vernal and Jan Huffines 

Vicki Runyon 

Victoria Barrera 

Vikram and Trisha Garadi 

Vincent and Maria Blankenship 

Vista Bank 

Wallace Keller 

Walter and Julia Hunt 

William and Doreen Quinn 

William and Joan Stermer 

William and Linda Carson 

William and Linda Hurt 

William Durbin 

William R. and Mary Beth Otto 

Willy and Marilyn De Jong 

Willy and Rosemarie Andersen 


Alan and Stefanie Klein 

Albert and Margaret Mango 

Alexandra De Leon 

Alice Bryant 

Andrea Lacroix 

Andrew and Judith Cordell 

Angel and Linda Negron 

Angela Boyd 

Angelo and Julie Otero 

Anne Daye 

Anne LaGarde 

Anne Robbins 


Arash Noori 

Armando Villarreal 

Barbara Hryekewicz 

Bill and Alma Miller 

Bill and Colleen Hodges 

Bill and Peggy Jenkins 

Bill Daniel 

Bill Lynch 

Bob and Donna Arnold 

Bob and Krisan Buckel 

Bob and Marida Baucum 

Bobby and Laurie Witt 

Brandon and  Rita McGee 

Brenden Grove 

Bruce Brennan 

Caitlin Rak 

Carine Nguyen 

Carl and Janet Hall 

Carl Hall 

Carla Collins 

Carol Ernst 

Catherine Roy 

Chad Koppenhafer 

Charles and Deborah Johnson 

Charles Smith 

Charles W. and Adelaide Royer III 

Christine McCarren 

Christine Strieff 

Christopher Stewart 

Claire Lauzon-Vallone 

Clint and Lauren Cockerell 

Colleen Coppenger 

Corey and Allison Troxell 

Dana Springer 

Daniel Engle 

David (Mark) and Louise Crooks 

David Addis 

David and Julie Seibert 

David and Marylee Mims 

David and Susan  McDonald 

David and Teresa Ovesen 

David Bergeron 

David Pettit 

David Stockel 

Deacon Mark and Teresa Gannaway 

Deacon Ricardo and Estella DeLeon 

Deborah Wilkinson 

Dennis and Cindy Shingleton

Derek and Kristin Buchanan 

Diane Mills 

Dominique Cossi 

Don and Vicki Marek 

Dr. and Mrs. Matt Pitts 



Dr. Christopher and Karen Hull 

Dusty Johnston 

Dwayne Barker 

Eleanore Ustanik 

Elizabeth and Joseph Milligan 

Elizabeth Barber 

Elizabeth Ward 

Eric and Amy Dvorak 

Eric Swanson 

Erica Gonzalez 

Fleta Fenoglio 

Fr. Charles L. Calabrese 

Fr. Michael Moloney 

Frank and Linda Ulrick 

Frank Clary 

Frank J. Prochaska 

Franklin and Sarah Dunn 

Gary Reiter 

Gayle Morrison 

George Lochetto 

Gerald Wesselmann 

Glenna Wickline 

Grace Gau 

Grady and Rhoda Schenk 

Gregory and Karen Mendenhall 

Hank and Anna Barbetti 

Heather and Douh Cassidy 

Helen Whitecotton 

Henry Gensweider 

James and Anna Robinson 

Janet Good 

Jason and Samantha Skaggs 

Jean Payne 

Jeanne Haden 

Jeff Wilson 

Jeffrey and Nancy Irwin 

Jeffrey Otten 

Jennifer Jung 

Jeremy and LaGroue 

Jeremy and Megan LaGroue 

Jerry and Barbara Boyle 

Jim Cummings 

Jimmy and Becky Morath 

Jo Ann Abramuk 

Jo Ann Murphy 

Jo Linda Jara Martinez 

Joanne and Jerry Stecklein 

Joanne Viola 

Joe Martin 

John Albert Miller 

John and Melissa Comiskey 

John Cochran 

John Huck 

John Lee 

John Rhadigan 

Jose  and Teresa Archuleta 

Joseph and Lisa Harrington 

Joseph Hicks 

Joseph Hoffschwelle 

Julianne Leighty Roessler 

Justin Alexander 

Justin and Sheryl Bartos

K. W.  Wright

Karen Bolton 

Karen Green 

Karen Harper 

Katherine Aparicio 


Kathleen Clemens 

Kathleen Moller 

Kathleen Schaefer 

Kathy Berres 

Ken Kerkering 

Kenneth and Lisa Butler 

Kenneth and Sandra Mueller 

Kevin and Lisa McCarthy 

Kevin McGroarty 

Kim and Lori Kanaman 

Lance Andrews 

Lane Simmons 

Larry and Marylynn Landry 

Lawrence Sarnecki 

Leo Flocken 

Lindsey Stone 

Lindy Hudson 

Lorraine Schneider 

Louis and Teresa Montes 

Lucila Vargas 

Lyndsay Hilton 

Lynn Gromann 

Marc D. Herring 

Margaret Duryee 

Maria Lee 

Mariane Adkins 

Marianne Armstrong 

Mark and Carol Mendez 

Mark and Sherrie Cyrier 

Mark Kimmel 

Mark Steele 

Mark Walker 

Martha Fain 

Marvin and Sharon Sulak 

Mary Agnes Johnson 

Mary G. Wessel 

Mary Mattiace 

Marybeth and Barry Yancey 

Matthew Badolato 

Matthew Ferrel 

Mel and Yvonne Wilde 

Micah and Anna Martin 

Michael and Linda Herrian 

Michael and Marjorie Parenteau 

Michael and Mary Hargrove 

Michael and Rhonda Ostendorf 

Michael D. and Allison Poates 

Michael Pittman 

Miguel Fernandez 

Mike and Hope Barclay 

Mike and Teresa Thacker 

Mike Duffy 

Molly F. Richards 

Mrs. E.W. Moran, Jr. 


Nan Allen 

Natasha Willis 

Nicola Mediterraneo 

Nicolette Stephens 

Norman and Rosalee Hacker 

Norman Meyer 

Patrice and Bob Power 

Patricia Gutierrez 

Patrick and Judy Vader 

Patrick Nef 

Paul and Carrie Crnkovich 

Paul Duane 


Percy and Charmaine Pinto 

Pete and Brenna O’Brien 

Peter and Kristen Martin 

Philip Genatiempo

N. Austin

Randy and Annette Glavan 

Randy and Trecie Hoff 

Randy Lyne 

Rebecca Mousel 

Renee Underwood 

Ricardo Cristobal 

Richard and Elaine Newhouse 

Richard and Jennifer Rahn 

Richard and Mary Lou Edwards 

Richard Spielmann 

Rick and Kathleen Rodgers 

Rita Carrolla 

Rita Vokes 

Robert and Deborah Meyer 

Robert and Teresa Brady 

Robert Reed 

Rodney Mai 

Roger and Jane Taylor 

Roger Slakey 

Ron and Lauren Simmons 

Ronnie and Janet Hess 

Ruben and Maribeth Mata 

Ryan Hart 

Scott Rustand 

Sean and Andrea McGaughey 

Sean Noel Bivens 

Shailee Shah 

Sherri Dowhower 

Sherrie Ryder 

Shonda Schaefer 

Stanley and Paula Thomas 

Steven and Stacy Finley 

Sue Ann Berend 

Susan Wehrer 

Teresa Harrison 

Teresa Lehrmann 

Terry Patton 

Theresa Radwan 

Thomas and Ashley Hansen 

Thomas and Jane Nauman 

Thomas and Jean Kenna 

Thomas and Suzanne Williams 

Thomas Mills 

Thomas Valiga 

Timothy Harris 

Tina Millwood 

Todd Beard 

Todd Kimpton 

Tom and Shirley Matzinger 

Vicki Schmulen 

Victor and Mary Ann Hegemann 

Victoria Borrego 

Wayne and Cynthia Fleitman 

Wilson and Alicia  Woods 

Woody and Nancy Kageler, M. D. 


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