Historias de impacto

Las historias de impacto abundan en el CCFW… Una joven madre que necesita ayuda con la escuela. Un veterano luchando con los efectos de la guerra. Un marido y un padre buscando empleo. Servimos a decenas de miles de personas en nuestra diócesis de 28 condados cada año y sus historias son nuestra mayor fuente de inspiración.

Nuestro objetivo es causar un impacto en las vidas de todas y cada una de las personas a las que servimos. Mira abajo para ver la diferencia que nuestro trabajo ha hecho en las vidas de nuestros compañeros de la comunidad.

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Meet Adrienne Menasco! A nursing student at Vernon College-Century City. Adrienne has already secured her dream job and hopes to eventually continue her education and earn her BSN.

"My fellow students and co-workers at the hospital had told me about Catholic Charities and told me to apply. I then met Rita and was accepted into the program for assistance. It literally changed my life! I have never let one day go past that I am not so grateful for the people who God put in my path to help me become successful and help me with what seemed impossible in the beginning."

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Meet Stacy Burnett, an upcoming graduate from Vernon College-Century City. After graduation Stacy says she can`t wait to get back to work!

"With the amount of help I have received it has allowed me to stay on top of my education and know that I always have someone available for any questions that I might have. In addition, the workshops and navigators that I have available has helped me develop more confidence in myself. I can honestly say that at the beginning of this journey, I did not expect to get this much help and concern from the Education Navigation program, but now that I am at the end of this I am amazed and always speak highly of the program and my amazing navigator."

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Meet Andrea Kutz, a nursing student at Vernon College-Century City. After graduation, Andrea has accepted an internship at United Regional ER.

"I had heard about this program through someone who had gone through the ADN program before me. I`m very glad that she directed me toward the program because I wouldn`t have been able to financially afford everything for this program without it. A big part of my success these past 2 years has been due to me not having to worry about how I`m going to afford everything. I am so so thankful for everything this program has done for me and I would not have been able to make it without it. I`ve been able to achieve my goals a lot easier than I would have without assistance. I was able to go from full-time to part-time to be able to focus more on school thanks to the financial assistance I was given."

As a part of our Education Pathway, we help students navigate non-academic barriers to complete their educational goals and increase earnings. Click the link in our bio to learn more.
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Meet Nacoa Grace, a nursing student at Vernon College-Century City. After graduation she plans to further her education and become an RN.

"A fellow student told me about Catholic Charities. She knew I was struggling with how my family would make ends meet if I continued forward on my educational journey. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come to me due to their help and guidance. I would not have been able to continue on my journey without their help! They have helped me learn how to study, time management, and improve on budgeting. I am also doing workshops to help me prepare for my future outside of school with resume building and interview skill workshops that they have provided access to."

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Meet Silke Schwalbe! An LVN student at Ranger College. After graduation she plans to further her education and earn her associates degree.

"I heard about [Education Navigation] at Ranger College and I am thankful that I was accepted into the program. Education Navigation has been helping me financially and with the workshops. I was given valuable tools that I can apply and that will be beneficial to me in the future."

Our education programs help non-traditional and low-income students overcome barriers to their educational goals. Many are single parents, first-generation students, or working multiple jobs. To learn more click the link in our bio.
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Meet Kameron Beaird, an LVN student at Weatherford College. After graduation, she plans to further her education and become an RN.

"Education Navigation has helped me in so many ways such as achieving my academic goals, self-care, budgeting (very helpful considering I don`t work as much as before the nursing program), study tips, and taking huge financial burdens off of me."

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Meet Amanda Swanberg, a nursing student at Vernon College in Century City. After graduation, Amanda, her husband and their six children are moving to Baltimore. Amanda has received an offer to enter the nurse residency program at John Hopkins!

"Catholic Charities helped me pay for school and stay on track. I appreciated having a caring advisor to talk to and stress about my program. The support was extremely helpful both on the financial and mental health front throughout the school.
I`m really thankful for Catholic charities` help and support. They allowed me to concentrate on school and maintain a 3.96 GPA."

Be an #AdvocateForGraduates and follow along all month! To view more graduates, click the link in our bio.

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Meet Korie O`Dell, an LVN student at NCTC in Graham enrolled in our Education Navigation program in our Northwest Campus. After graduation Korie plans on working as an LVN and continuing her education to become an RN.

"I honestly don`t know where I would be without Kristi. I heard about this program before I first started the LVN program and I was nervous at first because I didn`t know what it consisted of. But, a lot of doors have been opened and a whole new mindset has been opened also thanks to the help and support from Kristi. The program helped me because if I had something that I needed to get off of my chest, Kristi always welcomed me with an open mind. This program has helped me achieve my goals by helping me finically. It has helped me learn the skills of studying, and managing my money and time."

To learn more about our graduates, visit our #AdvocatesForGraduates link in our bio.
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Meet Angela Halbach, a Stay the Course student at TCC’s Northwest Campus who dreams of starting her own non-profit.

“Stay the Course certainly kept me accountable. With each meeting, the first question was often about the goals I set at the previous visit, and how I was progressing towards them. I look forward to taking a little break before taking some additional classes over the summer to transfer. I`m also very excited to visit the Texas Wesleyan offices and become a true student!
Over the holiday break last year, my job took two weeks off that I was not expecting. […] My Stay the Course navigator and Catholic Charities was able to assist me during my time of need. Since then, I have been able to make changes to prevent those problems in the future, but knowing that should anything bad happen, they could be there for me.”

Education is something that lasts. From workplace advantages to increased earnings. To learn more, click the link in our bio.
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