Historias de impacto

Las historias de impacto abundan en el CCFW… Una joven madre que necesita ayuda con la escuela. Un veterano luchando con los efectos de la guerra. Un marido y un padre buscando empleo. Servimos a decenas de miles de personas en nuestra diócesis de 28 condados cada año y sus historias son nuestra mayor fuente de inspiración.

Nuestro objetivo es causar un impacto en las vidas de todas y cada una de las personas a las que servimos. Mira abajo para ver la diferencia que nuestro trabajo ha hecho en las vidas de nuestros compañeros de la comunidad.

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Join our team and the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce for an in-person KNOW Poverty Hour! Hosted by the Coffee and Commerce Leads Group, this event will be on Friday, August 6 at Palio's Pizza (address below). Help us spread the word, and we hope to see you there! #knowpoverty

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Palio's Pizza Cafe
5712 Colleyville Blvd #130
Colleyville, TX 76034

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The countdown begins! Every year, we see our impact grow on #NTXGivingDay, and last year you helped us soar above and beyond our expectations. This year we are aiming higher than ever, and we can't wait to share more details on how you can help. Save the date, and stay tuned! ...

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The Gabriel Project serves new moms and moms-to-be, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to take care of their families. 💛 ...

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A special thank you to the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation! They recently awarded us a $50,000 grant for our Padua program. This generous gift is truly a long-term investment in the families we serve and the #pathways to stability and resiliency that Padua provides. ...

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Access to counseling is so important to overcoming trauma and building emotional resiliency. This #pathway prioritizes mental and emotional health so that someone can confidently navigate relationships, plan ahead, find resources, and believe that they can create a brighter path for themselves and their family. #emotionalresiliency #pathways ...

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Everyone deserves a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate in the legal system.

Our Immigration Consulting Services (ICS) team is that #advocate for immigrant families in our community. They provide full legal representation for all applications filed and honor the dignity of every person they serve. #empower #personcentered

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Check out more 2020 highlights in our Annual Report – link in bio!

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