MYMoney@Work is an employee benefit program offered by Catholic Charities Fort Worth to provide personalized financial wellness and coaching services for your workforce

What is Financial Wellness in the Workplace? 

Financial wellness is effectively managing your financial life and encompasses: 

  • Keeping spending within your means 
  • Being financially prepared for emergencies 
  • Having access to the information and tools necessary to make good financial decisions 
  • Having a plan for your future 

Financial well-being in the workplace helps employees build lasting financial strength and stability, leading to a more solid organization. 


Each business or employee population is unique. MYMoney@Work is not one-size-fits-all. We customize a plan that will be valuable to your organization by assessing your employee population to determine the financial needs and logistics that work best for them and you.  


  • Certified Financial Wellness Coaches called Navigators 
  • One-on-One Coaching 
  • Financial Wellness Assessments and Curriculum 
  • Financial Wellness Goals & Action Plans 
  • Workshops/Webinars 
  • Debt Reduction, Savings, & Credit Building Strategies 
  • Financial Wellness Platform (powered by LifeCents) 
  • Referral Network with Community Resources including Banking Institutions 


  • Provide basic financial literacy training. 
  • Collaborate with their clients (your employees!) to set financial goals and create an action plan. 
  • Check-in regularly with clients to provide advice, act as an accountability partner, and check on progress. 
  • Help clients with mindset and resiliency to set clients up for long-term success. 
  • Helping your employees become financially confident also positions your organization for better success. 

MYMoney@Work provides the support employees need to reduce financial stress, which can lead to increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and greater loyalty and retention. 


MYMoney@Work is confidential, but you will receive reports to help you understand issues your employees are facing and the progress they’re making. These insights serve as the foundation for future conversations about maximizing participation in your company’s benefits and ways to keep your employees focused on work by reducing their external stressors. 


“[MYMoney@Work] is a great benefit to offer our associates. We have seen incredible growth from those associates who actively participate and complete the program. The coaches truly care about the success of the participants and work with them to ensure they are comfortable and confident. The partnership we have with Catholic Charities through this program is invaluable and we are so appreciative of your energy and time.”  Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel 

“Helping Restore Ability loves the program! Our staff appreciate our CCFW Navigator recommendations on budgeting, saving, and financially building for themselves and their families. We’re also seeing our team members experience increased confidence in their own potential for growth as individuals and career-wise. Thank you, Catholic Charities! We’d love to see the program expand to as many local employers as possible.” 

– Helping Restore Ability 

Staff drop by my office regularly to tell me how wonderful our CCFW Navigator is and how thankful they are for the program.” – Recovery Resource Council 

Catholic Charities have sent out life coaches to our property and they have provided amazing guidance to our hotel staff.   We have an expanded age range for our team here and they are able to help our team significantly with their skills. Some tasks they have been in charge of helping us with are sitting down with our staff and helping them with English as their second language, budgeting with their finances, and helping our staff prepare for their future via savings. In the end, this allows our team to lead their lives to the best of their abilities and maintain focus to strive to be the best that they can be.

 Towneplace Suites by Marriott Fort Worth Downtown 

Catholic Charities has been a fantastic community partner and resource to our associates over the last three years. Their team is professional, compassionate and discrete. The success that our associates are experiencing allows them to not only be a productive and successful individual for us as the employer, but they are able to be successful in life. From everything to learning how to manage their finances, to transportation, to aiding them with locating childcare, Catholic Charities’ network of additional community partners has been a great benefit to offer. We are grateful and continue to be inspired by their mission to end poverty.” – Omni Fort Worth Hotel 

To Learn More:

Email navigator@ccdofw.org

Your Money. Your Story. Your Future…at Work.




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