Celebrating Unique Achievements and Milestones.

Graduation is a special occasion that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is a time for celebration and reflection, as graduates look back on their achievements and look forward to the future. Our 2023 graduates celebrate a significant milestone that represents years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It is a time to acknowledge the graduates’ accomplishments, their growth, and their potential.

Education is a key player in long-term poverty solutions, leading to more employment opportunities, an increase in earnings over time and other advantages.

As we celebrate the graduates, we honor their commitment to their studies, their determination to succeed, and their willingness to learn and grow. We recognize the sacrifices they have made, the challenges they have overcome, and the obstacles they have faced. They persisted!

We are so proud of the Class of 2023 and want to ensure they feel our love and support this month. Help us honor their hard work and resilience!

Join us in celebrating these amazing students!

Below are this year’s Education Navigation and Stay the Course® graduates, both confirmed and anticipated for May and August 2023!

Education Navigation Graduates

May 2023

Linda Basaldu

Cody Bondurant

Jeanie Bower

Stacy Burnett

Amy Campbell

Aniane Cervantes

Estrella Chairez

Trifonia Christina Y Sultan

Chelsea Cox

Christi Crump

Courtney Darby

Yadira Davalos

Kaitlyn Ehlert

Katrina Enriquez

Cristal Floran

Noemi Franco Arjona

Vanessa Garza

Maria Gonzalez

Nacoa Grace

Shelbie Hernandez

Viviana Hernandez

Tiffany Holman

Emily Huerta

Colbi Johnson

Halee Keilers-Baker

Rikki Kelley

Andrea Kutz


Cesilia Madera

Kaylee Matthews

Adrienne Menasco

Rafatu Mohammed

Haley Molloy

Bailey Morrow

Gregory Nelson

Esther Njagi

Alyssa Porter

Victoria Resendiz

Kimberly Riley

Ashley Robinson

Sherry Ruhl

Yuridiana Santos

Tyler Sleeman

Constance Smith-Todan

Mari Steff Ferrer

Amanda Swanberg

Justin Swanberg

LaKendra Taylor

Erica Valdez





Nicole Vasquez

Tara Wheeler


August 2023

Sabrina Acuna

Randi Altum

Ashlee Atchison

Roukiyata Bah

Kameron Beaird

Vanessa Bowen

Ashley Burkhalter

Khadijah Campbell

Kayla Carraway

Roxanna Castaneda

Yesica Ceron

Keely Chappell

Daniel Debord

Lakia Douglas

Lara Ebler

Stephanie Felty

Julius Foster

Kori Gaines

Vivian Garcia

Yulianna Garcia

Alexis Gardea

Edith Gaut

Bethany Hannah

Tiarra Hines

Chelsea Hinojosa

Breanna Howery

Rachael Hunt

Angelica Illades

Hope Ligon

Amanda Nichols

Teresiah Njenga

Korie O’Dell

Cecilia Ogeda

Nayeli Ramirez

Yanelie Ramirez

Margarita Reyes Sanchez

Christopher Russell

Aubri Saylor

Silke Schwalbe

Stormy Shadden

Ashley Sharp

Jamesa Shumpert

Ashlee Terrell

Kayla Trujillo

Carlee West

Victoria Wilson




Stay the Course Graduates

May 2023

Zionn Ababio

Faith Aika

David Alvarado

Diana Alvarez

Jacqueline Anderson

Moriah Anderson


Melissa Babineau

Emily Brown

Monica Butler

Ana Castruita

Alba Disabella

Ronald Ebene

Maria Espinosa

Claudio Ferdinand

Jennifer Gomez

Angela Halbach

Madonna Hannah

Veronica Hernandez

Genuine Hunt

Peace Jeje

Brandi Karonika

Tramesha Logan

Emily Glass

Cristina Magnussen

Anthony McClure

Angelette Munoz

Peter Nguyen

Bebeto Nseyani

Justin Pham

Nazira Reza

Ashley Roundtree

Clyde Smith

Kentreka Spranglin

Kendra Stone

Thahn Tran

Vanessa Umilisa

Kyleigh Whitney

Sarah Winkler


August 2023

Zionn Ababio

Jacqueline Anderson


Melissa Babineau

Ronald Ebene

Jennifer Gomez

Claudio Ferdinand

Genuine Hunt

Peace Jeje

Peter Nguyen

Bebeto Nseyani

Yulcia Rhodes

Zoe Robinson

Olga Rodriguez


How We Support Students

Participants in both Stay the Course® and Education Navigation are paired with a Navigator who provides one-on-one, personalized support to help them identify and overcome obstacles that would otherwise result in students abandoning or delaying their education.

Stay tuned for a special message to graduates from our program Navigators!

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