A different kind of journey.

Our 2022 graduates have had a different kind of educational journey. Many of them are completing two-year degrees, which means they both started and finished their degrees during a global pandemic. They adapted. They persevered. And they graduated.

Our education programs are designed to help non-traditional and low-income students overcome barriers to their educational goals. Many are single parents, first-generation students, or working multiple jobs. These barriers only increased with the COVID-19 crisis. From struggles with distance learning to job loss, it has not been easy for the class of 2022. They began their degrees in an uncertain and unstable world, followed by two years of living and learning through a global pandemic on the road to graduation.

But they have persisted. We are so proud of the Class of 2022 and want to ensure they feel our love and support this month. Help us honor their hard work and resilience!

Join us in celebrating these amazing students!

Below are this year’s Education Navigation and Stay the Course® graduates, both confirmed and anticipated for May and August 2022!

Education Navigation Graduates

May 2022

Holly Hutton

Aine Gonzalez

Esmeralda Gonzalez

Madison Ashcraft

Vanessa Galindo

Sydney Heard

Baylee Hull

Jacob Alvarado

Tycee Burnett

Lacy Cargal

Francisco Cardenas

Samantha Scott

Angel Argott

Shiloh O’Bannon

Brilee Tabor

Jaclyn Webb

Beth Haley

Veronica Cabrera

Jacqueline Pineda

Samantha Marley

Adreana Ibarra

Cecilia Ibarra

Alissa Cawthon

Erika Thurmond

Lyndi Walters

McKenzie Underwood

Jaley Matteson




Haley Kosse

Andrea Gonzales

Ashley Smith

Anthony Onwuegbuchu

Lakisha Criss

Jandelene Johnson

Clarissa Madl

Blake Roach

Chris Vanatta

Casey Buss

Aleshia Dellinges

Ashley Riggs

Jason Russell

Jenafer Lawrence

Jessica Lane

Manosha Rajaguru

Rae Yanne Preville

Elis Rios


August 2022

Timothy Bailey 

Emma Daub 

Esmeralda Garcia-Alfaro 

Jackeline Gutierrez 

Sallie Horton 

Nicolas Hunter 

Savannah Pham 


Audee Pierce 

Amanda Pippin

Mariah Yovanovitch 

Amanda Contreras 

Naketsha Foster  

Raquel Retana 

Maya Celeste Rodgers 

Tyishea Johnson 

April Burris 

Laura Esquibel  

Mariana Perez 

Simona Perez 

Ashley Smith 

Kalisha Schafer 

Faith Stein 

Sara Nelson 

Jessica Whitaker  

Haoua Kangambega 

Stephanie Cabibi  

Brooke Queen  

Diana Ordaz  

Jessica De La Rosa  

Carissa Freeman  

Oscar Gutierrez  

Mary Schmit 

Faith Anderson 

Perla De La Rosa 

Stay the Course Graduates

May 2022

Jovana Diaz

Kortnie Schulze

Manual Urbina

William Thompson

Raissa Tshiswaka

Cassaundra Grey

Teirany Young

Emily Briggs

Alexander Esqueda

Christiana Ruiz

Maried Torro

Yohali Baruti

Tayler Johnson

Mayra Deleon

Oriana Pascual

Dawn Katsoulis

Michelle Singleton

Richard Barber

Fatuma Katende

Bayan Shammout

Danielle Corbin

Julie Martinez

Katherine Hamilton

Alyssa Martinez


August 2022 

Alyssa Brinkley 

Stephanie Ruiz 

Aeriana Oliver  

Ashish Kotkar 

Iraida Garcia  

Mariah “Vyolet” Moreno 

Ramon Rodriguez 

Janet Omae 

Sholaunda Johnson 

Ryan Free 

Torrie White 

Kelby Dupriest 

Igernique McDaniels 

Nicole White 


How We Support Students

Participants in both Stay the Course® and Education Navigation are paired with a Navigator who provides what we call “supercharged” case management: holistic, wrap-around services that launch from a place of believing in our students’ capability to reach their goals.

Stay tuned for a special message to graduates from our program Navigators!

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