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2021 Annual Report

Through a continuous global pandemic, severe winter storms, and wars breaking out across the world, our clients have weathered some unprecedented times. Last year, thousands of families turned to us for help, and we were once again ready and prepared to meet them at our doors.

In the 2021 annual report, you will see highlights of our diverse range of programs and the clients they serve.

You will also learn more about our Pathways, where we are working with more than 3,000 families in the domains of financial resiliency, emotional resiliency, employment, education, and resource stability. As we have continued to study and grow, assess and tweak, we are enthused to be walking into this next chapter of efficacy for our clients. The way we are modeling our work for maximum impact carries so much hope and potential to continue to change the way we see and work with poverty every day in our community.

Check out the full annual report here or continue reading below for a few highlights.

PAVING awareness

Over the past several years, our agency has increasingly learned and affirmed that poverty is complex and poverty is a system. We have studied the factors keeping families in poverty and grown our awareness of what it truly takes to empower them to a future of dignity, stability, and freedom.

That’s why last year we unveiled our Out of Poverty Pathways. These five domains define our agency’s key areas of impact and help us better understand our role within a complex system.

While the Pathways resulted in some programmatic shifts, they largely reflected and more accurately explained the already-impactful work our programs were doing in our community.

All of this work has allowed us to refine our services and pave a critical foundation for our agency’s capacity to evaluate our programs and celebrate each program’s unique impact.

Education Credentials

Emotional Resiliency


Financial Resiliency

Resource Stability

PAVING impact


Students Earned an Education Credential

Clients Obtained New Employment

New Refugees Resettled by CCFW

Clients Served through Parish Social Ministries

PAVING healing

Crisis Response

In 2021, we witnessed the compounding effects of crises. Our community faced year two of a global pandemic, as well as a severe winter storm that left many families off kilter for months to come.

We continued to answer the call, providing rental and utility assistance as well as connecting individuals and families to key community resources. In response to Winter Storm Uri, we worked to holistically and creatively support each family in their unique situation.

In addition, after the fall of Afghanistan in August 2021, we quickly prepared to receive individuals and families evacuating the country. CCFW Refugee Services supported families in a variety of ways, from welcoming them at the airport to providing adequate food supplies, clothing, and other material needs.

Distributed in COVID-19 Financial Assistance

“They pulled out what was already in me, configured it in front of me.”

Yolanda Seban, Padua Client

Afghan Clients Received (Oct. 2021 - Feb. 2022)

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