The Trafficked


  The Facts on Modern Day Slavery

  • 14,500 to 17,500 persons are trafficked into the United States each year for labor
    or sexual exploitation.

  • 25% of all human trafficking victims certified in the United States were in Texas.

  • Texas is now ranked the second largest hub for human trafficking in the United States         

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  The Warning Signs

  Are you or anyone you know.....   

  • Unable to leave or come and go as they wish                                 
  • Working excessively long and/or unusual hours                                 
  • Show signs of physical and/or sexual abuse, physical restraint                                 
  • Not in control of own money, no financial records, bank account or own identification documents                                

  ....if yes, contact 1.888.373.7888 (national)  817.534.0814 (local) for information.

  The Reality

  In Arlington, Texas, a couple was sentenced on June 4, 2010 by U.S. District Court Judge
  John H. McBryde for forcing a Nigerian widow to perform domestic labor for them for more
  than eight years. The Nigerian couple recruited the widow in Nigeria with promises that
  her six children would be cared for in exchange for her work in the United States. Upon
  arrival in the United States, the couple confiscated the victim’s passport and never
  returned it.

  For more than eight years, the victim cared for the defendants’ children day and night,
  cooked and cleaned, with no days off. The couple did not allow the victim out
  unsupervised, was prohibited from speaking with her children on the phone
  unsupervised, and was forbidden to make friends. The male perpetrator also sexually
  assaulted her.

  Although the widow was promised that her family would be cared for, her family received
  a total of about $300 over the eight years. The victim was eventually rescued by a
  community member and the couple was sentenced to serve prison time and ordered to
  pay $305,957.60 in restitution to the victim.

  The Chains

  • Debt bondage

  • Overwhelming financial obligations

  • Isolation from the public, family, and/or members of their ethnic
    and/or religious community 

  • Confiscation of passports, visas
    and/or identification documents 

  • Use or threat of violence toward
    victims and/or families of victims  
  •  The threat of shaming victims by exposing circumstances to family 

  • Telling victims they will be imprisoned
    or deported if they contact authorities 

  • Control of the victims' money
    (i.e. holding their money for "safe-keeping")

  • Kept under lock and key, or otherwise physically restrained