School-Based Services (SBS) is committed to helping severely emotionally disturbed children achieve academic success and personal growth within the public school environment. This project is a collaborative effort between the Fort Worth Independent School District and CCFW. Services are structured to effect positive behavioral and emotional changes in children by increasing self-esteem, facilitating appropriate expression of feelings, and developing and improving social skills. Interactions between staff and children are respectful, consistent and caring. All aspects of the child’s school day are seen as part of the therapeutic process.

Movement to a less restrictive educational environment and improved academic achievement are the ultimate goals for all students receiving services through the program. CCFW staff works closely with school personnel to work toward transitioning students to less restrictive classroom environments.

Service Criteria:

  • All students enrolled in a Behavior Improvement Classroom (BIC) through Fort Worth ISD are eligible to receive services through this program.
  • Students who are emotionally disturbed and/or have exhibited severe behavioral problems to the extent that they are unable to function in general education classes and require supportive intervention qualify. Behaviors such as fighting, destruction of property, disrespect for authority figures, inability or unwillingness to perform age-appropriate school-work, and/or sexual acting out are all considered to be problematic and fulfill eligibility requirements.