Providing services to welcome refugees into their new lives, including: case management, English as Second Language, employment training, and successful integration into the public school system.

Refugee Employment Services (RES)

Goal: Prepare clients to join the workforce.
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Refugee Case Management

Empowers refugees toward self-sufficiency and to promote their successful integration into the local community.
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Refugee Educational Services

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are provided to refugees to gain the language skills necessary to become self-sufficient in the United States.
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The International Foster Care Program

Provides foster care for unaccompanied minors who do not have adult caregivers.
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Refugee Match Grant

Works with 325 of these men, women, and children annually to help them begin their new lives in Fort Worth, TX.
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Older Refugees

Assist refugee clients over the age of 60.
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Resettlement and Placement

Services provided to refugees and asylees who are approved for admission into the United States by the Department of State.
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The School Impact Program

Provides services for refugee children and their families to promote effective integration, education, and a successful transition to the U.S. public school system. 
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                                     These programs are funded, in part, by the 
                                             Health & Human Services Commission