What We Do



The purpose of Parish Relations is to strengthen the relationship between Catholic
Charities Fort Worth and diocesan parishes. We’re here to assist and empower YOU
in fulfilling the Gospel call to service and the promotion of justice by:
  • Engaging parishes as partners in the work of CCFW 
  • Helping to identify and implement ways to respond in a communal and organized
    way to social and individual needs.

  To learn more about ways to involve your parish/church, please contact

  Click here to be informed of how poverty is real in your parish.

  Click here for our 2013 Quarterly Parish Updates.

  Parish Partnerships 

  We would like to acknowledge two of our diocesan partners and express our sincere
  gratitude for their support! 

  Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Wichita Falls) has played a critical role in helping us
  expand our services to the Wichita Falls community. They are partnering with us to
  distribute TXU Energy Aid and to offer clinical counseling services. In addition, the
  parish houses our immigration video site where individuals can participate in a video
  appointment with our staff in Fort Worth. 

  Sacred Heart is a key partner on the Northwest Services Strategic Planning Committee
  as we plan to open a service hub in Wichita Falls in 2014. 

  We partnered with St. Andrew Catholic School (Fort Worth) in the 2012-2013 school
  year to collect high need items for our neighbors in need and offer service learning
  opportunities to students. Joint educational opportunities included a refugee simulation,
  poverty activities, and activities demonstrating the tenants of Catholic Social Teaching. 

  Thank you to the faculty, staff, students, and families of St. Andrew for your dedication to
  serving our brothers and sisters in need!  


  • Invite CCFW to present to your parishioners. This includes small church groups, committees, prayer groups, ministry groups, Knights of Columbus, etc.

  • Let us help you sponsor a donation drive

  • Let us present to parishioners the services available to them through our 43 programs

  • Recruit parishioners to volunteer in one of our programs

  • Become a CCFW Ambassador - Volunteer to become a CCCFW Ambassador within your parish community! In this role you will assist in engaging parishioners in the mission of CCFW in order to meet the needs of the community throughout the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.  Click here to learn more.