Hours of Operation

  The Creating Hope Donation Center is open Monday-Thursday 8AM-1PM.

  Basic Needs 

  Each year, the Creating Hope Donation Center serves thousands of individuals and
  families by providing basic everyday needs. These needs include food, hygiene
  products, dishes, educational materials, and furniture. In 2011, the Creating Hope
  Donation Center distributed $379,451 worth of items.

  Home Setup Needs 

  In addition to meeting these basic needs, the Creating Hope Donation Center sets up
  housing for families that are enrolled in our resettlement programs. Last year, CCFW
  helped resettle 275 families by distributing basic needs including, beds, dressers,
  couches, televisions, kitchen tables and chairs. Donations to the Creating Hope Donation
  Center directly serve the client as well as reducing agency expenses. Want to help? Find
  out more about our House-In-a-Box Project here!

  How Can I Help? 

  • Volunteer to help our staff sort and stock items
  • Organize a donation drive at your church or civic group
  • Donate furniture or home goods
  • Visit our online account to purchase/ship items from our wish list
  • Donate or share our updated Fall Donation Drives

  The Creating Hope Donation Center relies on donations from community members so
  that we can fulfill the needs of thousands of families each year. Below is a list of items
  that we need the most.

  • Peanut butter and jelly • Water, juice, and Gatorade 
  • Canned soups, vegetables, fruits, and canned meat (tuna, chicken, etc) 
  • Bags of rice and beans • “Just add water” meals (Ramen noodles or
    instant meals) 
  • Baby items including diapers (premature to pull-ups), wipes, shampoo,
    lotions, car seats, cribs, dressers, etc. 
  • Laundry soap and bleach 
  • Hygiene items • Cleaning supplies 
  • Standard dishes and glasses 
  • Pots and Pans 
  • Furniture – Couches, Tables, chairs, televisions, etc

To donate items or to schedule a furniture pickup please e-mail Emma Rojas or call

To learn how you can support the Creating Hope Donation Center, contact Danielle
, Coordinator of In Kind Services or call 817.413.3926.